How to write and publish your book.

taught by Ericka Williams

Course description

I hear so many people talking about writing a book and they never complete that book.

Stand out. 

Write your book.

Start writing that blog so you have material.

You can make a living as a writer. You have to get started. 

In this class, you'll learn these things, among others:

1) How to build an audience for your writing

2) How to write in a way that is effective, powerful and grammatically correct

3) How to get your book into print in case publishers aren't interested

4) How to monetize your writing in a multitude of ways.

5) How to build your brand as a writer, public figure or authority/expert.

6) How to get traffic to your blog or website

Ericka Williams
Ericka Williams

Course Curriculum

Question style 18 to 25 questions
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Turn your words into a book
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How to write a series
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30 Days to JUMP FOR IT
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Helpful TIps and In CLOSING
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