Course Description

You can start a credit repair business and begin making a great income. This is a great business opportunity, and you can feel good that you are truly helping people start anew in their life.
Even if you do not have any knowledge of what it takes to fix people’s credit, you can learn without much trouble at all. With the right professional credit repair software, you will be able to learn all of the tips and secrets that credit repair agencies use. 

Best of all, you will be able to work from home and then turn it into a full-time profession. As you learn more about repairing credit, you will even be able to offer consultations and advice. With so many people falling deeper and deeper into debt, now is the time to get into this business so you can assist those who are in need. Everyone wants to find a way out of debt, and now you will be able to help people to do it.
When you work from home with the credit repair opportunities, you will discover quite a few advantages. You will be able to work from home and be your own boss for starters. In addition, you are going to have little overhead. With quality credit repair software that guides you through the process of repairing credit and gives you the best ways to do it, you can handle the business on your own. Until you begin gaining more and more clients, you do not even have to hire another employee. Of course, when you are making more money and attracting more clients, you can start hiring and training others to do the same thing that you are doing!

Ericka Williams

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Why Credit Repair Business? Isn't it saturated?

    • is market over saturated?

  • 2

    Rebuilding Credit, Tradelines, Average Credit Problems

    • Rebuilding Credit, Business Credit, Tradelines

  • 3

    Setting up shop

    • Google places, SEO , simple websites

    • CASH MONEY MILLIONAIRES... well maybe a 1 million in bonds.. or just $10,000

  • 4

    Student Loans

    • How to help student loan clients.

  • 5


    • No FREE PHONE CALLS, death of your business

  • 6

    Marketing $5 dollars a day

    • Facebook marketing

  • 7

    100,000 Business vs 50,000 business.

    • starting with your credit repair website

    • credit repair site 2nd choice

    • Scaling BUSINESS

  • 8

    1, 000,000 dollar business

    • $5000 Clients

    • $5000 Clients

  • 9


    • Create solutions for the long term

  • 10

    Simple website, simple phone, massive cashflow

    • Simple websites make more money

    • Simple helpful tools for your business

  • 11

    Your necessary FIREPOWER

    • what you need to succeed. DOWNLOAD ALL

  • 12

    How to market even while you sleep

    • Marketing via youtube

  • 13


    • RULE ONE

    • RULE TWO

    • RULE 3

    • Rule 4 the basics

  • 14

    General Business 101

    • General Business 101

  • 15

    Medical Debt removal

    • medical debt removal letter

    • Hippa Letter

  • 16

    Do I need an LLC?

    • LLC cost per state

    • Should I get LLC video

  • 17

    Can i be my own Notary public?

    • Becoming a Notary.

  • 18

    Turning credit into cash

    • One

    • Two

    • three

  • 19

    Training EBOOK

    • The official steps

    • 1st Step OPT OUT

    • Step 2 Credit Report


    • step 4 1st round of disputes

    • step 5

    • Step 6 time to get aggressive

    • Step 7 Next Level

    • Disputing Public Records

  • 20

    Contracts for clients

    • Example of Contracts.

    • Contracts for client part 1 or 2

  • 21

    Why do you do not dispute EVERYTHING at once.

    • selective disputing.

  • 22

    Live training and Live Q/A

    • Start at 3:20 live training.

    • live training 3

  • 23


    • using social media to promote business.

  • 24

    Trouble Opening Bank Account

    • Trouble Opening Bank Account

  • 25

    Live Q and A 2/27/2019

    • Live q and a

  • 26

    More Letters

    • Validation of Medical Debt (HIPAA Request)