Course Description

I hear so many people talking about writing a book and they never complete that book.

Stand out. 

Write your book.

Start writing that blog so you have material.

You can make a living as a writer. You have to get started. 

In this class, you'll learn these things, among others:

1) How to build an audience for your writing

2) How to write in a way that is effective, powerful and grammatically correct

3) How to get your book into print in case publishers aren't interested

4) How to monetize your writing in a multitude of ways.

5) How to build your brand as a writer, public figure or authority/expert.

6) How to get traffic to your blog or website

Ericka Williams

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Stand out

    • Stand out slides

    • Standout in A NOISY WORLD

  • 2

    Marketing 2 routes 6 months vs 1 year

    • Marketing 1 year or the long road.

    • 1 year marketing and book writing plan

    • 6 months to launch

    • 6 months to Launch PDF

  • 3

    Question style 18 to 25 questions

    • Most Popular style PDF slides

    • Most Popular style for book writing

  • 4

    Turn your words into a book

    • How to TURN your WORDS into a book

  • 5

    How to write a series

    • How To Write a Series. Fiction and Nonfiction

  • 6

    Let's Talk Money

    • VIS very important slides. Print out

    • Let's Talk Money, how much can I MAKE A YEAR??

  • 7

    30 Days to JUMP FOR IT

    • 30 Day jump for it

    • 30 Days Jump for it

  • 8

    Angry Man BOOKS/ MAN books

    • Review of MAN centered books thriving on AMAZON and INTERNET

    • slides

    • Angry man/push back books

  • 9

    Examples of wealthy Bloggers, paid authors.

    • Victor Pride Bold and Determined .com

    • Gloria Atano the Blog Abroad Example

    • Brian Tracy example

  • 10

    Helpful TIps and In CLOSING

    • KEEP WRITING, stay focused.

    • the truth